In regard to the account and blog on our website, the onus of security rests on the user.

1. About the BERBERCARPETLOCALEXPERTS account and website information:
In regard to the account and blog on our website, the onus of security rests on the user. The activities undertaken in relation to the blog all relates to the user and user is responsible for all the related acts on account or the blog. It is restrictive to assign any unlawful keywords or using any deceptive or unlawful manner. Also, using good will of others is highly prohibited, that is using name of others is restrictive and if any such malpractice is found, BERBERCARPETLOCALEXPERTS has all the authority to take the action. If any unauthorized activity is noticed on you blog or with your account’s security immediately contact the BERBERCARPETLOCALEXPERTS In case of omission of such act there is no liability of BERBERCARPETLOCALEXPERTS Contributor’s Liability:
Any content be it audio content, graphics or written content, the liability of entire content lies of the blog owner. If the owner is making comment or allowing the third party to make any comment of post something on the blog then you are entirely responsible for the content. If the content on website is allowed by you then you impliedly submit to following:
– Any proprietary rights shall not be infringed not either by the downloading of the content, nor by uploading or copying any content. No IPR infringement of copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret rights including them but not restricted to them.
– You should either have the permission to post the content or waived the right in case the owner holds the rights of intellectual property which you are creating.
– All end users terms and conditions should be complied with male sure you have followed all third party license terms.
– Any kind of viruses, or malware or any kind of harmful content should be posted.
– Any content posted to drive the traffic of third party website is strictly prohibited. Practices like phishing or spoofing are not at all allowed.
– Content shall not be pornographic, or any such content which is violative of privacy of third party or incites the violence of defame any individual or an entity is strictly prohibited.

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